Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's free ice cream day.

The reason I say above that I'm only going to update every Monday is that I really want most of these posts to be full-fledged essays. But, when Free Ice Cream Day at Ben and Jerry's rolls around, you gotta say something. So, I'm going to quote myself from an old issue of the Riverfront Times:

"Let's make some ice cream. Get some heavy cream, some whole milk, some sugar and whatever else you crave (we like to throw in some chopped-up Cherry Mashes). Don't measure anything out, just mix it together in whatever ratios feel right. Dump it in an ice cream maker, let it run until it looks like ice cream and then stop. You will not mess up. It will be delicious. It takes a lot more willpower, time and ingredients (with names like carrageenin and locust bean gum) to make bad ice cream than it does to make good. But to make great ice cream is the hardest of all. That takes patience, subtlety and the understanding that every ingredient, including the air that is whipped in during the freezing process, matters."

I'll get more in-depth on ice cream on another, hotter day. But God bless a country that has free ice cream day.


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