Saturday, June 04, 2005

Breaking the fast

Sorry to my two or three regular readers for the hiatus ... don't worry, I haven't stopped eating. In fact, I recently returned from yet another wedding with amazing food. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stange, I had a weekend where I consumed all of the following ...

Fried turkey, smoked pork shoulder, venison sausage (or was it elk?), deep fried tortillas, smoked spicy chicken wings, bacon dip, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, cucmber vodka with tonic, custard-style french toast with a homemade brat, creamed eggs and ham with asparagus, pulled pork, some more sausage and one hungover trip to McDonalds. Yeah, it was a long weekend, but still, thanks to everyone who made that much eating possible.

My man Joe's new in-laws host a famous pig roast each year, and it breaks my heart that I'll be in a moving truck eating beef jerky when they kill the pork this year. Thankfully for me, they hosted the rehesal dinner (where much of the above food was consumed), so I got my yearly taste of the best farm-hosted food I've ever had. I wouldn't trade my annual meal at the Leuker (Lueker? Leeueeker?) for a thousand stacked and plated avant meals.


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