Saturday, June 04, 2005

Explain bleu cheese to me ...

I'm a cheese-lover, which doesn't really mean a lot today. Who doesn't love cheese except those poor, sad vegans?

I'm a good writer, too, if I do say so myself. So, why is it that even though I've been eating a lot of bleu cheese recently, I can't describe it to you? That is, I can't describe it to you in a way that transmits how delicious I think it is (in my opinion it is the only cheese to eat on its own). But the words ... salty, yes, and piquant, whatever that really means, and mold (yuck) is its base, and the intensity of the flavor is part of it. But I feel defeated by bleu cheese. Any help?


Blogger Mona said...

hmmm..i'm a huge fan of the bleu myself.
i think i'd call it a 'salty bite of cloud.'

1:17 PM  

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