Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fried Foods at The Chip Shop

In America, we tend to look at fried food as the territory of Southerners ... they fry pickles, okra, corn, pork chops, turkeys and, of course, chicken. But, as I recently learned during a trip to the Chip Shop (129 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn), the British can stand tow to toe with Enis and the gang when it comes to dropping all sorts of food it batter and oil. And the world is a better place for it.

The Atlantic Avenue Chip Shop (the original is in Park Slope) serves fried things of every taste and description, but their main focus is on fish and chips (natch). So Miss E and I each got the cod and chips. It seemed as if they took a whole cod and split it down the middle for us, so huge and huling were the portions of fish. Well prepared, too, flaky fish and cruncy crust seperating under the fork. The chips were good, although the English fevor for these quasi-fries as opposed to an American home-made potato chip seems misguided.

Because it sounded too sinful to pass up, I ordered a side of "fried mac." Yes, that's fried mac & cheese, although all of the cheese seemed to be in the tasty crust, leaving the noodles to fend for themselves inside. It was pretty tasty stuff, if you got a bite of said crust in each bite, but mac & cheese might be the first food I've ever had that didn't improve with frying. Perhaps M&C is unviolable.

The British rep is for bland food, and I must say that once you got into the fish & chips, you did wish that the Brits would throw some seasoning into the batter. A spicy, southern-fried chicken type batter would have elevated the meal to a whole new level. As it were, shaking some vinegar onto the food added some much needed flavor.

Because of my gluttony with the fried mac, I didn't have room for one of the pub's fried candy bars, which means another trip a little later is in order. A fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ... well, that is right down Mr. Sin's alley. Or throat, in due time.

(note: not to harp on about it, but now that I've relocated to New York, I'm searching for sinful and unique dishes to write up. Please send suggestions to mrsin @


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